Eating Out Without Racking Up the National Debt

When you’re hungry, sometimes you don’t always want to take the time to actually cook a meal for yourself. After all, that’s time consuming and it’s not always what you actually want to do. Cooking your own food also requires you to go shopping and then clean up after yourself. Who has the time for that? With your busy schedule, that’s not always possibly. However, eating out is extremely expensive. It seems like unless you want to eat fast food every single day, you have to shell out an arm and a leg. That can be pretty discouraging, especially when you really want to try out some new restaurants. What can you do?

Luckily, there are plenty of strategies that you can use to reduce the cost of your trips to restaurants. In fact, you can end up making it so affordable that you might be able to go out a little more often than you’re used to. It’s budget friendly, too! Let’s take a closer look at all of the ways you could be saving money while eating out. You’ll be sampling the finest fare from your local eateries in no time at all!

Always Be Willing to Try the Daily Special

Daily Specials Offer Great Value

Daily Specials Offer Great Value

When you walk into most restaurants, there will usually be a whiteboard or some kind of chalkboard out front that lists the daily special. If there isn’t, your server will probably mention it to you when they hand you a menu. Don’t write these off and go straight to ordering off the menu! You should actually strongly consider buying the special. Not only will it come at a reduced price, but it’s also going to be something more interesting than what you can find on the menu. That’s pretty much a guarantee! It’s the best deal in the whole establishment. You’ll only be wasting money if you insist on ordering off the menu when you’re eating by yourself.

Go With a Friend and Split an Entree

01Why not make it a group experience and bring a friend or two along? What way, you can make it a much cheaper experience for everyone involved. Come to an agreement about which entree you want to split, and then just order one dish. Since portion sizes are so out of control today anyway, one entree should be plenty for you and your friend. You won’t even have to bother with taking any leftovers home! You’ll both be stuffed and happy that you didn’t spend a ton of dough on some dough. As long as you’ve got some friends who are cool with doing this, you should be good to go.

Stick to Appetizers For a Lower Bill

Another way to keep the tab at a reasonable price range, especially when you aren’t feeling like eating the special, is to simply order an appetizer or two. These plates are often entrees in their own right. Plus, they’re usually the most interesting and unique dishes on the entire menu. Just one could be enough to satisfy your hunger all at once! Then you’ll be getting out of there for a steal. Don’t remember to leave a tip, though! Just because you’re being cheap doesn’t mean other people need to get stiffed as a result.

Never Drink Anything That Isn’t Water

Drink Water, it cheaper!

Drink Water & Save Big

There’s no reason for you to bother ordering sodas or alcoholic drinks at a restaurant. They cost way too much. If you really need to have one of those drinks, go home and have one for a whole lot cheaper. For your beverage to accompany your meal, stick to water. If you have to have some kind of flavoring to go with it, ask for a lemon or lime wedge. Most restaurants will provide one free of charge. That will let you enjoy something flavorful with your meal without costing you a single extra cent. That’s how to make eating out a snap.