3 Ways Your Manager Could Improve Your Business If given a Shot

If you have a manager who works between you and most of the employees and floor work, they have some ideas about what you could do differently. No matter how much they seem to be on board with your vision and into the ideas you offered, it’s not going to be enough for them. The simple reason is because they have more experience down there on the ground floor. Do you think the Captains have a different way to run the war than the Generals? That’s you and them, and if you open up and give them a chance you could be surprised to find that pretty much all managers could improve your business in these three ways if they’re given a chance.

Get Rid of the Employees Who Don’t Pull Their Weight

If your manager could hire and fire without consulting anyone else, the very first thing they would do would be to get rid of the employees who don’t pull their weight. This doesn’t mean just getting rid of the employees who are obviously terrible, because you probably do that already. It means getting rid of the employees who only give about 40% instead of 110%. It means getting rid of slackers who never come back from their lunch break on time but really have a good excuse every single day. Your manager could put the fear of God into a herd of employees with a few judicious firings, and then you’d have a much better workforce over all.

Polish up the Customer Service Interactions

Give Your Manager a chance to improve customer relationships

Give Your Manager a chance to improve customer relationships.

One of the perks of being the boss is that you don’t have to deal with customers that often. Even if you’re a people person who normally loves getting to know people, customer service is a terrible way to get to know them. It’s like you only get to meet the very worst sides of people. Instead of hearing about their pets, you get to hear about how they don’t understand why you won’t let them exchange their Christmas tree in August. They are angry, and they know what they want, and it’s often unreasonable. With all the distance you understandably want between yourself and the rude customers there’s a chance that you don’t know how to polish up customer service as much as the manager does. Give him a chance and you could be surprised at the innovative twist he could put on the process—and the cashiers he would pull so they never talk to a customer directly again.

Restock along the Trends That Engage Interest in Customers

Managers have their fingers on the pulse of your company

Manager have their fingers on the pulse of your company

Your managers can also pinpoint a variety of customer trends that don’t reflect in the actual purchases. By talking to customers, by watching what they considered buying before choosing their product he could help you trim stock that isn’t needed. He could also council you when people start asking for products that just aren’t offered by you. The manager has his fingers on the pulse of your company. The actual rate of sales is how you judge your current stock, but what people are interested in today is how you should be planning the stock that you’re going to buy tomorrow. You can both trim your inventory of unneeded things and add in the things that will sell.