How to Avoid Falling Into the Fast Food Trap When You Are Short on Funds

When you are struggling financially, working long hours and having trouble sleeping, let alone making food for yourself it might be very tempting to go for the closest source of easy comfort food. Fast food is easy and cheap, and it can be a really easy source of calories when you are running low on time and energy. It doesn’t help that fast food is literally around every corner, especially in the city. You don’t need to go far to get this kind of nourishment, and that is a problem. The high calorie and high fat content of fast foods will put you on the fast track to a host of medical problems that many people suffer with everywhere, especially in first world countries. So make sure that you avoid the fast food frenzy and stay svelte and healthy, as your quality of life will be so much better if you do. Here are some cheap alternatives to fast food that won’t kill your wallet or your arteries.

Make Your Own Food in Advance

Buy cheap ingredients and make your own meals

Buy cheap ingredients and make your own meals

Making a meal plan is a solid method of avoiding the temptations of fast food joints and vending machine snacks. You can buy exactly what you need to in order to eat a healthy meal for a reasonable price, and you will be able to keep your temptations at bay while saving money. You can also have options faster than fast food when you make all of your meals in advance for the next couple of days. It is a convenient and healthy solution to avoiding fast food and saving money and health. Buy cheap ingredients in bulk and use them to make a bunch of meals and you will have a much easier time avoiding the chain restaurant.

Go On a Diet

Cutting down on your spending might go hand in hand with cutting down on how much you are eating. If you make a commitment not to eat greasy food anymore, fast foods are automatically eliminated from the equation. You will not only be making your lifestyle better for your health and happiness, but you will be saving your wallet too, which is great all around. Dieting the right way is hard and takes a lot of willpower, but is very rewarding when you are able to follow through on your commitment.

Tell Your Friends You Won’t

03Telling other people about your goals to avoid fast food will help you keep them. There is often a feeling of not wanting to disappoint the people who are important to you, and that can mean making sure that you don’t do the thing that you told them you wouldn’t. Honesty is a very important piece to this equation. If you can’t be honest with yourself and honest with them, it will never work out for you. You need to be committed to both staying away from fast food and telling the truth. Fast food is difficult to avoid, especially when we feel pressed for cash, but it is far more worth it to eat well and save yourself the medical bills down the road.

Promise Yourself a Reward to Avoid Fast Food

A good way to keep yourself from chowing down on cheap, greasy food is to keep a reward jar. Every time that you avoid the temptation to buy fast food, put the amount of money that you saved in a jar. Keep doing this until you save up enough money to get something that you would really like for yourself, as a reward for strength.

Do an Expense Report for Your Spending on Eating Out

Nothing will snap a person out of overspending on something than will forcing themselves to write it all down. Write down everything from pennies to calories, and watch how much less appealing eating out becomes. Keep it up, and you will be much happier about your life when you are healthy in the future.