When Her New Look Turns You Off

1-567404963It can be a huge disappointment when your lady comes home from the salon with an entirely new look. Sometimes the look is so drastic that she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. Even worse, she may have changed her look to something that you aren’t attracted to at all. Before you end up causing an argument with your disappointment in her new look, there are a few different things that you can do to let her know that you don’t like her look, without actually saying it.

Don’t Tell Her It Looks Bad (But Subtly Hint You Liked Her Old Look Better)

When your lady steps in front of you with a new look that you hate, try to keep an even facial expression. If she sees shock on your face, and it doesn’t look like you’re excited about the change, she will either get angry with you, or her self-esteem will be damaged. Neither of these things will be good for you. You’ll quickly become the bad guy for giving your opinion. You also shouldn’t simply fail to acknowledge her new look. That’s almost as bad as telling her that you hate it. What you need to do is make her come to her own conclusion.

When you see your lady’s new look, you’re going to have to put your acting skills to work. If you don’t have any, you better learn some really soon. Start out by saying, “Wow! That’s different.” Make sure you sound surprised, but don’t give away that it’s an unpleasant surprise. You can then say something like, “Have you seen my lady around here?” And then describe what she used to look like. Make it sound like you’re flirting with her, but don’t actually come out and say that you like it. As time passes, tell her things like, “It’s so strange seeing you with blonde hair,” or “Don’t those green contacts ever bother you?” Eventually, she will come to the conclusion that you don’t like her look as much as she thought you did.

Have an Affair (With Her)

2-tumblr_static_dy85nzcs5t4ogcgco488c4004When all else fails, you can simply cheat on her… with her. If you’ve been thinking about roleplay, now would be the time to start. Buy your lady a wig similar to the way her hair was before she got it changed. Ask her if she’d be willing to roleplay with you, and try to do it often. Each time the two of you fool around ask her to put on the wig. If you’re worried about her realizing what you’re doing, you may want to make the wig shorter or longer than what her old her style used to be. You want her to come to the conclusion that you don’t care for her new look, but you don’t want to be too obvious about it. Don’t forget to purchase a few sexy items for her to wear. If you’re roleplaying with her, you may as well go all out. If you go this route, you might use a cam site and ask is it a scam? Use IMLive … the IM Live cam site reviewed and compared is rated as one of the best out there for sharing adult fun online with your lover.

As annoying as it can be when your lady changes her look, you don’t want to be too harsh about it. Many times women try a bunch of different looks to help boost their confidence. If you like how she looks now, make sure you tell her often.