Movies That You Should Never Watch With Your Partner on a Romantic Date

Much like how there are some movies that are always perfect to watch on a date, there are just as many movies that you will never want to watch when you are trying to be romantic with your partner. These can run the gambit from comedies to action flicks, but all that they really have in common is the fact that they are a huge turn off for romance in general. If you want to avoid finding yourself in an awkward situation where you are trying to turn on the charm but the movie you are watching is turning it right back off for you, then you might want to stay away from these movies on your date.

Lord of the Rings

lord_of_the_ringsWhile the Lord of the Rings trilogy is a really spectacular set of movies with amazing graphics and a lot of great music and fight scenes, it is really not the sort of movie that you want to be watching in a romantic setting. Not just because there is so much fighting going on that it can kill the romance at any moment and not just because the storyline is a little too deep and convoluted for something like a makeout session, but also because the movies are just so darn long. Even if your date is entertained by you turning on your charm during a war movie, they will not want to sit through three hours or more of you trying to fight with the mood whiplash going on in the movie. Save yourself the trouble and just do not try to make Lord of the Rings romantic.

Monty Python

monty_pythonThere are a bunch of Monty Python movies and episodes of the Flying Circus out there and absolutely none of them are good material for a romantic date. Monty Python is certainly something that a lot of people find funny and while it might be charming to watch when you are both interested in having a good laugh, you do not want butt and boob jokes going on in the background when you are trying to put the romantic moves on your date. Aside from that, though, Monty Python’s humor is not for everyone. A lot of Americans really do not understand the humor behind the comedy group because they do not fully grasp the British sense of humor. You do not want to risk the chance that your date might just not get the humor and instead hate you for subjecting them to something so weird and boring.

End of Evangelion

End_of_EvangelionNot a lot of people have actually heard of the Evangelion series or the movie, End of Evangelion, but if you really want to find out about it, your date is not the best place to do so. This movie first covers a recap of an entire twenty-six episode series before finishing off with an alternate ending for the series. Not only is it information and plot heavy, but it is extraordinarily confusing and violent – not things that you want going on when you are trying to get your romance on. While this is a movie you might enjoy in your own spare time if you are interested in post-apocalyptic worlds and teenagers being forced to save the world from extinction, it is a little too heavy and bizarre to be anything that your date is going to want to see when they signed up for a DATE.