The Smoothest Ways to Ask a Guy Out

3Are you the popular girl who never had a problem with getting a guy in high school? Or are you the guy who never had a problem getting a nice man in bed for the night, straight or otherwise? If so then you probably don’t need any advice on how to slide up to a guy and get with him. If you’re a guy or girl that might not have this bless quality, however, then you’re probably clueless with how to go after a potential mate and strike while the irons hot.

Sending a Little Note

Passing notes might seem like something you did in junior high. Reminiscent of your school days, notes were basically the hidden social network of a class room back in the day. Don’t be afraid to go back to your roots and send the guy of your dreams a little note asking him out. Men find things like that to be cute and girlish which is a great quality to have in most male eyes. If you’re a man sending over a romance smoke signal then make it flirty or casual depending on how straight you think the guy in question really is. Use your date-slash-hangout to test the waters. You could always share an experience on the liveprivates cam website which can be trusted as per this review by TCJ and isn’t in the set of poor scam sites to avoid.

Being Direct

4Some guys don’t want to play any reindeer games and prance around the issue of attraction. They want to just be flat out asked and get the show on with. The problem is that this can be nerve-wracking on your end so gear yourself up for it slowly but surely. Don’t waste too much time, though. The longer you wait, the more time someone else has to snatch your man. It’ll be fair in the end since they had more initiative. If you don’t take chances and risks then you might never snag the date of your dreams.

Playing Hard to Get

Being coy and mysterious while still being alluring is a tough science to master. There’s a very large difference between being mysterious and either creepy or blending into the paint on the wall and then being mysterious and also sexy and desirable. First you have to learn how to be a femme fatal or dashing gentleman who is a little sensually shy. Once the guy you’re into is interested, go in for the kill and get him on the hook. This method can backfire, though, so only use it when you’re a more practiced vixen.

Texting Him with Sexy Intentions

5Get close enough to get his number. This also means that you’re on his contact list and are close enough to be on his mind if you’re also interesting enough to date or hook up with. Start up conversations and get to know each other while sending a bit of a flirtatious vibe every once and a while. Before long you’ll be on each other’s minds enough to make a little get together the next natural step. When you feel like this is the time to go in for the kill then definitely do it. Soon you’ll be on a date, going steady, and much more.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Starts Hinting That She Wants a Kid

1-kid1Being in a relationship can be a rocky road, and there plenty of things that you have to worry about coming up in discussion. If things have been getting more and more serious with you and your girlfriend, you may find yourself dreading the inevitable conversation topics that she winds up bringing out. What are you supposed to do when your girlfriend starts hinting that she wants to have a kid with you? This can be extremely worrisome, especially if it is not something you’ve ever thought about before. If you are in a relationship and you feel like your girlfriend has been dropping hints that she wants a kid, you need to know exactly what to do about it. It’s best to handle the situation carefully, so you want to understand what sorts of things you should be doing if this ever happens to you. Here’s what you need to know. You could scare her away with porn. Yes, it is for real. If you use a site like joy yourself (where the scam rumors are untrue per LCR) you will find that you viewing the joyourself chat site will make her run away!

Don’t Make a Break for It

You may find yourself panicking at the very thought of this, but don’t freak out and don’t run away if she starts dropping hints like this. She could just be testing you in order to see how committed you are to her. If you freak out at the very mention of a child and start running away, she is not going to take this well. Plus, it’s going to be way too obvious that you have already figured out what she is up to you. You don’t want to wind up doing this so you need to be careful. Your first instinct may be to run for the hills, but try to temper this reaction and think things through.

How to Tell if That’s What She’s Actually Hinting At

2-baby-fashion-boutique-300x300You may think that your girlfriend is hinting at having children when she’s really not hinting at it all. You need to figure out if this is what she is actually doing before you figure out what to do about it. If you feel like she is mentioning specific things about how she literally wants to have a child, that’s pretty obvious. However, if she has just been pointing out cute baby things, she may not be hinting at anything at all and you may be overreacting.

Figure out How Serious She Is

You need to know how serious she is before you decide how much you need to freak out. If you seriously feel like she has been dropping hints that she wants to have a child, you need to try and talk to her to figure out how serious she is about it. This is definitely something that is going to change the course of a relationship, so you need to decide if she is serious or not.

Decide How You Feel about It

Obviously, you need to know how you feel about it. If you are the type of guy who definitely want kids, then this may not be the death sentence to the relationship that it might be for others. However, if the very idea fills you with existential dread, you’re definitely going to want to talk to your girlfriend and see if she is serious or if she is just trying to test you.

When Her New Look Turns You Off

1-567404963It can be a huge disappointment when your lady comes home from the salon with an entirely new look. Sometimes the look is so drastic that she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. Even worse, she may have changed her look to something that you aren’t attracted to at all. Before you end up causing an argument with your disappointment in her new look, there are a few different things that you can do to let her know that you don’t like her look, without actually saying it.

Don’t Tell Her It Looks Bad (But Subtly Hint You Liked Her Old Look Better)

When your lady steps in front of you with a new look that you hate, try to keep an even facial expression. If she sees shock on your face, and it doesn’t look like you’re excited about the change, she will either get angry with you, or her self-esteem will be damaged. Neither of these things will be good for you. You’ll quickly become the bad guy for giving your opinion. You also shouldn’t simply fail to acknowledge her new look. That’s almost as bad as telling her that you hate it. What you need to do is make her come to her own conclusion.

When you see your lady’s new look, you’re going to have to put your acting skills to work. If you don’t have any, you better learn some really soon. Start out by saying, “Wow! That’s different.” Make sure you sound surprised, but don’t give away that it’s an unpleasant surprise. You can then say something like, “Have you seen my lady around here?” And then describe what she used to look like. Make it sound like you’re flirting with her, but don’t actually come out and say that you like it. As time passes, tell her things like, “It’s so strange seeing you with blonde hair,” or “Don’t those green contacts ever bother you?” Eventually, she will come to the conclusion that you don’t like her look as much as she thought you did.

Have an Affair (With Her)

2-tumblr_static_dy85nzcs5t4ogcgco488c4004When all else fails, you can simply cheat on her… with her. If you’ve been thinking about roleplay, now would be the time to start. Buy your lady a wig similar to the way her hair was before she got it changed. Ask her if she’d be willing to roleplay with you, and try to do it often. Each time the two of you fool around ask her to put on the wig. If you’re worried about her realizing what you’re doing, you may want to make the wig shorter or longer than what her old her style used to be. You want her to come to the conclusion that you don’t care for her new look, but you don’t want to be too obvious about it. Don’t forget to purchase a few sexy items for her to wear. If you’re roleplaying with her, you may as well go all out. If you go this route, you might use a cam site and ask is it a scam? Use IMLive … the IM Live cam site reviewed and compared is rated as one of the best out there for sharing adult fun online with your lover.

As annoying as it can be when your lady changes her look, you don’t want to be too harsh about it. Many times women try a bunch of different looks to help boost their confidence. If you like how she looks now, make sure you tell her often.


How to Stay Full Longer and Keep Unhealthy Snacking at Bay

Committing to the choice to start eating healthier sounds great until you start feeling hungry. Whether you’re walking through the kitchen and making eyes at that ice cream in the fridge, or down a street with delicious scents of fried foods and sweet treats wafting your way, it’s no easy thing to turn down a treat when your stomach is growling. If you’re determined to stick it to cravings and keep on track with healthy eating, picking foods that will keep you full and give you plenty of energy is a key part to staving off boredom eating and cravings. But how can you stay full without loading up on carbs or going back for double helpings during meal time? Here are some tips to help you from turning back to potato chips and candy to fill you up between meals.

Nutrient Dense Filler Foods

When you’re finished with your meal, you should feel comfortably full, not hungry for more. If you’ve just finished and you’re already hungry, avoiding a snack is going to be difficult. There’s nothing wrong with eating until you’re full – the problem, if you’re after weight loss, is continuing to eat after you’ve already a point where you’re satisfied. To fill up faster and get more energy and health benefits from your meal, use nutrient dense filler foods. Eat the vegetables on your plate first, and try to make sure you’ve include veggies that are high in fiber. You can also take your lunches and dinners above and beyond by using a homemade, healthy broth-based soup as an appetizer to help fill you up. Include vegetables in your soup like carrots, squash, or potatoes for more density. (This kind of soup also serves as a healthy and hearty snack choice between meals.)

Use a Variety of Proteins

Replace a few meals with vegetarian alternatives

Replace a few meals with vegetarian alternatives

Meat doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t) be the only source of protein on your plate. In fact, if you’re looking to lose weight or feel less sluggish, replacing a couple meals a week with filling vegetarian options can have a great impact on your health. Heavy meats like beef and pork are fatty and, while eating them once in a while is fine for you, turning towards healthier proteins for the bulk of your meals will serve you better. An easy way to achieve getting a complete protein without eating any meat is to combine most any bean or legume with a grain. Rice and beans, hummus and pita, even peanut butter and bread. Pasta substitutes like quinoa are also good sources of protein.

Incorporate Good Fats Into Your Meals

Eat good sources of unsaturated fats like avocados, nuts, salmon and soy milk

Eat good sources of unsaturated fats like avocados, nuts, salmon and soy milk

Not all fatty foods are bad for you! Your body needs “good” fats to be properly supplied with nutrients, and unsaturated fats play a role in keeping your mood, brain function, and fatigue in check. Saturated fats, in moderation, won’t kill you, but you should strive to keep your intake limited. Good sources of unsaturated fats are avocadoes, nut butters, olives (and olive oil), fatty fish like salmon and trout, soymilk, and flaxseed. Incorporating healthy fats into your diet will help cut down on your craving for saturated fats and you’ll get the benefits of a well-rounded diet. Like everything else, you’ll get the most benefits from unsaturated fats if you intake them in moderation. Done right, they’ll help lower your cholesterol, improve your mood, clear away “brain fog,” and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Exercise Instead of Boredom Eating

03When we’re bored, our thoughts tend to start wandering toward the kitchen and what treats might be lurking inside. If you find yourself wandering over to the refrigerator over and over, hoping something to eat will makes itself known, chances are you’re more bored than hungry. You can turn the tables by picking up an exercise routine to combat boredom instead of munching on snacks. Go for a walk or jog, bust out an exercise video, or even just do some stretching when you find yourself with nothing to do or you feel like putting something else off for a little while. Your mind and body will thank you for the extra activity and time outdoors.


How to Survive Being Vegetarian

So you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian? Good for you! Whether it’s for health reasons or a personal decision, becoming a vegetarian can be a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. So how do you go about doing it? Can you just cut all the meat out of your diet? It isn’t quite that simple. There are a lot of important nutrients found in meat that you are going to get sick without. Fear not though because there are plenty of ways to get those nutrients without eating meat.

The first question you should ask yourself is where are you going to get your protein. This is not as hard of a question as you might think to answer but it does need answering. Despite popular belief, meat and protein are not mutually exclusive. There are many veggies that contain proteins so you just need to find the ones that work best for you. Soy products are the most popular protein supplements because they are the closest vegetable proteins to meat proteins but there are tons of options to choose from.

Does becoming vegetarian mean giving up all your favorite meat based foods?

Search For Some great Vegetarian Recipes Online

Search For Some great Vegetarian Recipes Online

Certainly not, unless your favorite food is steak. There are tons of vegetarian alternatives to all your favorite recipes and a quick Google search can help you find them. Veggie burgers are usually the first thing that comes to mind but there is a large variety of them as well. Don’t want to eat a tofu burger? That’s fine. Try a black bean burger? Or maybe you would rather try a mixed vegetable patty? The possibilities are all up to you. Do you love ravioli? Replace the meat and cheese with tofu and spinach. It is just that easy.

Are you worried about all the foods you can’t have? How about focusing on what you can have. Make vegetables the stars of your meals. Nature provides hundreds of different flavors through fruits and vegetables and now is your chance to try as many of them as you can. With the increase in popularity of vegetarianism and veganism over the years there are dozens of cookbooks and thousands of websites dedicated to original and delicious vegetarian recipes. Don’t worry you won’t be missing out on good food.

Will I have to eat less now that I’m eating differently?

With vegetarian meals you'll need to eat bigger portions

With vegetarian meals you’ll need to eat bigger portions

Yes. You have to eat more if you are taking out meat. Many vegetarians think they can eat the same amount as always when they cut out meat but this just isn’t true. Cutting out meat will cause a huge change in your caloric intake. You need to eat more or you are going to be hungry. Think about it like this; you are going from eating a sandwich with ham, cheese, tomato, and lettuce to eating a sandwich with only lettuce and tomato. This is why substitution is a better option that just cutting everything out. Don’t just get rid of the ham and cheese, find something to replace it.

How will this affect my body? One of the noted benefits of going vegetarian is the wonderful effects it can have on your overall health. People who become vegetarians have been documented to have lower cholesterol and increased happiness. However this does not mean that you should just assume everything is fine and ignore the signals your body is sending you. Does something not feel good in your stomach when you eat it? Don’t eat that anymore. Do you find yourself craving food you used to eat? Try and figure out what part of that burger you’re really craving. Is it the salt? Is it the fat? Find out what you want from the burger and fill that need with you can eat with your diet. If you feel hungry, then eat.

07Yes there are some pitfalls from adopting a vegetarian diet. It will be hard at first but everything that’s worth it is. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting a big change in your diet. As long as you are smart about it and careful about planning your diet, becoming a vegetarian can be a very rewarding and healthy life choice.