The Quickest Way: Why Baking and Cooking for Your Man Really Is the Answer

You’ve heard the old saying, right? “The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? You might have wondered from time to time if that was true. It might be a good idea to try it out but it’s also something cheesy that can easily be taken as dorky or silly. It’s never great to be laughed at by someone you like and are interested in so maybe it’s not the best way to start out the relationship. As you get closer, though, cooking meals for the guy you love is actually a great way to get to know each other and get closer. If you get into a relationship or are close to being in one and cook him some nice meals or bake him some great pastries then you’ll see how right the saying really is.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Meal?

03The appeal of food is extremely obvious. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like food. Everyone has some sort of sustenance they enjoy eating and would do it all the time if they could. For some people it’s ice cream and for others it’s spinach. Food is the universal language of language as long as it’s something that someone enjoys.

Cooking a meal for someone is a very meaningful thing. You’re putting a lot of energy and hard work into doing something for them. Baking and cooking involve a lot of work in general and it’s something that a lot of people hate doing for themselves, let alone someone else. Cooking and baking are definitely labors of love and people understand that from experience. The great food at the end is basically a killer bonus to an already grand and romantic gesture.

It Means You Have More Time Together

Cooking for him means you will have more time together

Cooking for him means you will have more time together

Ask your man or perspective boyfriend over to your house or invite yourself over to his. Offer to cook him a meal and see what happens. If he’s a good catch then he will offer to help you or at least be in the room while you do it. Making food together means that you have more time together then you might have had before.

Meals are also typically made to be eaten together when you cook for your hubby. Sitting down and eating is sometimes the only time you can make for each other in a busy relationship and so you have to make the magic last. Talk as much as you can in between bites.

You Can Bond Over Cooking

Create moments where you can cook together. Believe it or not, cooking can actually be a great tool to use to bond with your mate. Giggle as you make messes and accidentally get involved in kitchen blunders. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you go, dipping fingers into batters and asking him to taste the broth you just worked on. Some chefs describe cooking with someone one of the most intimate things you can do. Try it out for yourself and see if it’s really true.

Use it to Show Off A Little

Use your Cooking as an opportunity to show off

Use your Cooking as an opportunity to show off

Cooking for your man can also be something you can do to elevate your status as a good girlfriend or wife. Being able to cook is a well sought after skill and personality trait so showcase it often. You can also use it to draw attention to yourself and make your man realize how grateful he is to have you if you make enough to share with friends and coworkers. With every stop at his desk to ask where he bought those great cookies or the superb potluck, he’ll be thinking of you fondly.