SEO: Do You Need To Outsource?

SEO isn’t something everyone knows about until they set foot in a marketing department, or venture into business. At the very start of building up a business, you don’t exactly NEED to use SEO, especially if you’re also advertising on newspapers or using word of mouth, but there comes a point when your business gets big enough to start mattering a lot. SEO will help you rank better on Google and other search engines, with as a result that you get more attention, more customers, and in the end, more revenue.

Plenty of companies make their living offering both SEO and SEM services, and you’ve probably had enough spam about it to last you a lifetime. The amount of spam can make it difficult to separate the real companies from the fake ones, and make you hesitant about starting. The good news, though, is that it’s not as hard as it looks, and you don’t need to hesitate.

What do you really need to make a page SEO friendly?

Make your website SEO friendly

Make your website SEO friendly

If you’ve written your own page, you might have noticed meta descriptions both for the entire page and the images you have. While you were writing it, you probably tried to make your page look the best it can, with a nice image, neatly laid-out text, and an easy-to-read cadence. SEO isn’t much different to that. All you’d need to do is make sure those meta descriptions have the correct keyword, your page title matches, and it’s present in your text in a few places. While it can be hard to define those places, there are services that will run a check on your page if you enter the URL and your keyword – many people trust MOZ with their SEO results, with its easy-to-use interface and clear results within moments of clicking update. So you know how to layout your text, and how to make sure if you’ve got it right. Then it’s up to the content. While the content itself is easy, picking a keyword is a bit harder.

Determining a keyword

Use Google AdWords to find the best keywords

Use Google AdWords to find the best keywords

While you could pick a keyword out of thin air – for example, Seattle Plumbing – the best way to find your keyword is through Google AdWords. It’ll show you exactly how many searches a keyword has, and what kind of competition there is. You can find one that suits you here easily enough. However, Google AdWords can be a bit intimidating and a little harder to use, but if you want to use it, there’s plenty of text and video guides all over the internet – just a Google search away. With that kind of information, it shouldn’t be too hard to find your keyword!

So do you need to outsource?

Once you know you don’t need that much to write your content, you have to ask yourself the question whether you want to invest in access-fees to some of the services you might need, and whether you’re willing to invest the time in writing attractive-sounding text that incorporates the keywords without it sounding too unnatural. Especially if the language your text is in is not our native language, you may not feel entirely comfortable creating new content to such specific terms. So the answer in short is no, you don’t HAVE to, but in a lot of ways it can save you time, effort, and you know you’ve got professional content. 5 Signs Outsourcing Is Right For you.

If you do choose to outsource, you need to make sure you look out for a few of the pitfalls you might stumble into that some less than reputable companies may use. First, you need to check the quality of the work. Are the keywords present correctly, used well, and does the text still sound attractive? Getting traffic on your website will mean a lot less if the visitors leave immediately. And secondly, one of the other most important things is to make sure the content is unique. Some companies will recycle text, and if your website is too similar to someone else’s, you’ll be penalized by search engines. To be sure, run the text through some websites that will compare the text, like copyscape. If you’re happy with the text, and happy with the price, you’re good to go. Outsourcing might just be for you!